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Hammershus Castle Ruins

Hammershus castle ruin. Hammershus was originally built in the 13th. century to house the arch bishop, and was in use until as late as the 18th. century. It is strategically located on a cliff by the sea, with a steep valley on its South and East side and is built in a typical medieval fashion, with several layers of fortifications around the central area.

The Working Museum Smokehouses in Hasle

This museum smokehouse in Hasle is fully functional, and offers freshly smoked fish to visitors. It is really 5 smokehouses clustered together, with a nice outdoor terrace between two of the smokehouses where you can enjoy the freshly smoked fish with rye bread and salt.

The Østerlars Round Church

Bornholm is among other things known for its distinctive church design, part church, part fortress - the round church. This is one of the better known round churches, Østerlars, a bit South of Gudhjem.

Svaneke Harbor

Svaneke Harbor on the East coast of Bornholm. Svaneke is a fishing village around what was originally a natural harbour.

Downtown Svaneke

Downtown Svaneke - a beautiful town of colorful half-timbered houses, not (yet) overrun by tourists.

A view of Gudhjem from South of the Harbor

Downtown Gudhjem - the pictoresque views are all around you. If you want to see it a bit from a distance, take a boat to Christiansø and enjoy the wonderful nature both on the island of Christiansø - Denmark's Easternmost point - and the Bornholm coastline.

The main town on Bornholm is Rønne

The "capital" of Bornholm is Rønne - seen from the harbour.

The coast line on Bornholm is mostly rocks and cliffs

The Bornholm coastline is almost entirely a rocky one. Bornholm is the only part of Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands) with granite cliffs.

Not many bathe from the rocky coast

Seagulls have most of the coastline to themselves, as it is generally hard to sunbathe on this kind of coastline.

The water tower at Svaneke on Bornholm is drawn by Jørn Utzon

The water tower at Svaneke was designed by Jørn Utzon, the architect who also designed the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. - a partner website

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