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The Pictoresque Town Of Faaborg On Funen

Faaborg seen from the harbor

Faaborg, or Fåborg as it can also be written, is a beautiful small town on the Southwestern coast of the island of Funen. It is riddled with small charming cobblestoned streets lined by centuries old houses.

The town gate into Faaborg

The old town gate leads traffic into Østergade a bit further inside, which is the main street going down the town center of Faaborg.

Grønnegade in inner Faaborg

Adelgade and the town church in Faaborg

The bell tower is the town's landmark, with a large carillon inside. It is partly built on and into the first town church, the St. Nicolai.

A section of Grønnegade inside the town walls in Faaborg

The pedestrian street in Faaborg

Østergade is the main street down through Faaborg inside the town walls, a pedestrian street today, along which you find little shops, restaurants and bars.

The Faaborg harbor is a chapter of itself, with the fishing boats and small ferries

Faaborg harbour is an important part of town and the many islands surrounding it. Both the fishing harbour and the small ferries that take people into the South Funen archipelago have their role to play in the life and economy of the region.


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