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Grenen - The Tip Of Jutland

Sandormen is the only way - besides walking - you get to Grenen on top of Jutland

Grenen is the tip of Jutland, at its Northern end, just North of Skagen. However it's not the Northernmost point - that is the beach a kilometer or two further West.

The trip with Sandormen takes a few monutes and takes you right next to Grenen

There are two ways to get to Grenen: Walk or take Sandormen, The Lug Worm. The ride is very fairly priced at about the price of an ice cream and takes a few minutes. The entire area is protected and not to be entered by any other means.

The visitors to Grenen walk right out to the water's edge

Sandormen takes you up to about 20 meters from the tip itself and stops there for a while to give everybody a chance to get out on it and get a first-hand experience.

Grenen is the tip of Jutland, where two seas meet

Grenen is the confluence of two seas: The Atlantic Ocean and Kattegat, the sea between Jutland, Sweden to the East and Norway to the North. All ship traffic to and from The Baltic Sea going to The Atlantic Ocean has to pass between this point and the Norwegian coast.

Waves from The Atlantic and Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden collide at Grenen

What you see on Grenen are the waves from The Atlantic and from Kattegat colliding at the tip of Jutland. Waves come rolling from the West and from the East and crash into each other at Grenen.

The view from Grenen South - Skagen Lighthouse and the industry in Skagen Harbor

This is the view South from Grenen along the East coast. You see Skagen Lighthouse and to its left Skagen Harbour and the industrial area next to it. Skagen was at the highpoint of the good fishing times the largest town in Northern Jutland - today it's a more modest town with more focus on tourism because of its beautiful beaches and the fantastic light which has drawn artists to the area for centuries.


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