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H.C. Andersen House And Museum

The front area of the H.C. Andersen House and Museum in Odense

The Author and artist Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense on the island of Funen in 1805. Today the house where he was born and grew up in on Hans Jensens Stræde 43-45 has been turned into a museum, with many activities for H.C. Andersen affectionados and children of all ages.

The main entrance to the Hans Christian Andersen House and Museum

The main entrance to the H.C. Andersen House and Museum at Lotzes Have. The H.C. Andersen Museum is not a museum in the traditional sense, rather a biographical and literary museum over H.C. Andersens authorship and life history. You also find a library of H.C. Andersen's published works from most of the World, in more than 130 languages.

The neighborhood around the H.C. Andersen house in Odense

The H.C. Andersen House and Museum is today right next to a major town road which was built in the 1960's, but the local neighborhood was much quieter when Hans Christian Andersen grew up here. Small quaint houses line the cobblestoned streets of this centuries old part of Odense.


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