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The Little Belt Bridge

The Little Belt Bridge seen from Middelfart

The Little Belt Bridge or Lillebæltsbroen spans the Little Belt sound between the West side of the island Funen and the coast of East Jutland and links the highway net East-West through Denmark.

The Little Belt Bridge between its pylons seen from the South

The Little Belt Bridge was opened in 1970 and is exclusively a road bridge.

The Little Belt Bridge seen from East and below

The Little Belt Bridge is 1700 meters wide, and the pylons are 120 meters tall. It has a span between the pylons 600 meters wide.

The pylons of The Little Belt Bridge close up seen from East

The highest point of the bridge between the pylons is 42 meters above sea level. The bridge was built using 17000 tons of steel, and each pylon is founded on 210 30 meter long concrete pillars.

The Old Little Belt Bridge West of the location of the new bridge

Located West of the Litle Belt Bridge is the old Little Belt Bridge. It was opened in 1935 and is a combined road and railway bridge, 1178 meters long. It has since its construction sunk about half a meter but still offers a 33 meter high clearance for ships.


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