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The island of Rømø or Roemoe is located at the Southwestern edge of Denmark, just North of the German border.

The only road to Rønø is the dam from Jutland

There is only one road from mainland Jutland to Rømø, and it goes across an artificial dam over the waddensea.

The church on Southern Rømø

This is the church in Rømø Kirkeby on Rømø.

Most tourists from Germany come to Rømø by boat

The way most German tourists come to Rømø is by boat, with or without a car. The ferries sail frequently to the German island of Sylt.

Fishing boats in the commercial harbour

Both the ferry harbour and commercial harbour are in Havneby at the South end of Rømø. Fishery is an important part of life on Rømø.

A naval rescue station - one of several on Rømø

The sea can be a risky place to navigate, and Rømø has several naval rescue stations like this one in the commercial harbour.

The ebtry onto the giant West coast beach on Rømø

Many visitors to Rømø come to spend time at Rømø's huge beach on the West coast. You drive directly from the road out on the sand and all the way to the water's edge.

Rømø Beach with bathers

The beach is all sand, and a very popular place to spend a day. Many bring kites and fly them at the beach.


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