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Thorup Strand - Fishing Village Without A Harbour

Thorup Strand - a beach doubling as a harbor

Thorup Strand is a small fishing village on the Northwestern coast of Jutland, at the North Sea, or the Northern Atlantic. What is unusual about this fishing village is the fact that although they have fishing boats, they have no harbour for them.

The boats are pulled up on the sand by a huge caterpillar

Instead they use a huge Caterpillar to drag the boats from the beach up in safety - on the sand.

The bottom of the boats is very rugged

Here you can clearly see how a rope is fastened to the front of the boat, in order to pull it out of and away from the sea.

A larger fishing boat standing on the beach

This way of coming ashore obviously has consequences for the condition of the bottom of the boats.

No need for a quay - a ladder does it nicely

Instead of a quay at a harbour, the fishers use a ladder to get onto and out of their boats.

Thorup Stand is also the home of on of the many rescue boats that aid fishers in distress

Thorup Strand is one of the locations with rescue boats - small, agile unsinkable boats that come to the aid of fishing boats in distress. Such boats are fairly common along the Western coast of Jutland.


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