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Vallø Slot - Valloe Castle

The Estrogen Castle

Vallø Slot

Vallø Slot or Valloe Castle has existed on its location South of Køge and even further South of Copenhagen in some form since the 14th century. The current castle was built by a woman called Mette Rosenkrantz in 1586. At the time it had the South and West wings, and the two characteristic towers. The other two wings were built in the 17th and 18th century.

The Eastern spire of the Vallø Slot

A disaster happened in 1883 - the whole castle burned to the ground, and only the outer walls remained standing.

Vallø Slot from the Southwest

The castle was rebuilt using the remaining outer walls in 1894 to 1904, and is the castle we see today - the original outside, with a more modern inside.

Vallø Slot from West

The castle garden was created in the 17th century. Later the current 18th century English garden style was adapted as well as the planting of rare trees, which are still found in the park today. Part of the castle moat is the Tryggevælde river, which flows close to the castle and continue into the forest.

Vallø Slot from Northwest

The estate was owned by a succession of noble families until 1708, when it was bought by King Frederik IV, who gave it to his mistress, Anna Sophie Reventlow, who later became his queen. When Frederik IV died, Anna Sophie Reventlow was evicted by the new king, King Christian VI, who in turn gave the castle to his queen, Sophie Magdalene.

The main entrance to the Vallø Slot

Queen Sophie Magdalene decided to do something different with the castle - she founded The Vallø Trust around the castle in 1737, whose purpose is to offer accomodation to unwed ladies from Danish noble families. In short, an apartment in the castle per single lady. No strings attached, except that they are supposed to do social and charity work in the surrounding communities.

The Vallø Slot courtyard

In 1976 the statutes of the trust were changed, removing the ability to enroll in the foundation and have an apartment in the castle. However, the ladies who already reside in the castle continue to stay under the previous conditions.

The Vallø Slot from the main farm road

The castle is the central part of a large estate, with farming and forestry activities. The main farm is located just South of the castle and is a beautiful part of the local history in itself.


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